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The stars scream at me, but why?

Conduced on March 7, 1999.

The stars scream at me, but why? I think about it. I see his face. The stars again. Once, when I was writing something about this, a large blue speck appeared on my monitor and I was forced to shoot the damned thing. Someone stole my car. I don’t hear the voices that much anymore. My monitor didn’t work the same after that. I had to go then, and get my lunch from a store. How could you possibly know that? But you don’t. Pick up the phone.

I see a large, spotted dog—a mastiff, or maybe a Doberman, or maybe even a Chihuahua—but it doesn’t see me. Yay. Let them use their expertise on your next project. Somebody slipped those dogs into my pocket. I pressed the button, and the door suddenly exploded into 1,207,567,339 pieces of glass, wood, and steel.

The letter P is an amazingly asymmetrical letter. It is asymmetrical from any direction: Left, right, top, bottom, east, west, north, south, forward, or backward. The letter has a certain blazing, prevaricating quality which makes it one of the most interesting letters to follow the letter H in any alphabet.