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I continued my search for the Englebee Troobles

Posted for March 28, 1999.

I was chased around a tree by a one-eyed zebra this Friday: One with fangs. It made this noise like mlaaw! mlaaw! mlaaaaaw!! until I stopped and flipped over a drain pipe. Then it spun around and disappeared in a pile of scalpels and onions. I got my hand caught in the sink. It was pretty challenging. I bought a new hand, and a plastic cover for my computer mouse, for 99¢.

The clouds scream at me this Saturday, and I still don’t know why. They laugh and sneer at me, then at each other, then at me again. Damned clouds. They made my computer explode into seven or maybe nine pieces. (World War Seven had just begun.) So I went out and found a brand new 80x86 lodged in the mouth of an octopus sitting on a park bench. I continued my search for the Englebee Troobles, but knew I wouldn’t find any without a consultant. One, two, three, four, five, six…