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The man who talked way too much

Splattered on April 4, 1999.

The man who talked way too much was killed Tuesday. He was dead. Dead, and wrapped in a purple blanket of some sort. If only he could’ve figured out how to use his contingency plans…

Wow. Y2K is coming!!! I actually saw something over here. Some kind of file, or document, or something like that—but completely different. The telephone’s ringing; I have to smash it with a feather or it will stop ringing. I answered it and a person said to me, “Two point seven one eight two eight one eight two eight four five nine oh four five, now repeat after me.” A brown or red fox spoke next, repeating the series of numbers, but that was the end of it all. The box exploded, my meal was ruined, the phone melted back into the desktop, and I sat there watching it all. What a Sunday.