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Plårp, Plårp!

Popped up on July 22, 2007 by Pollyanna Louisa Årp.

My brother writes this week:

It’s pitch black in here. Am I likely to be eaten by a grue?


Phillip Norbert Årp

After I told him to stop trying to take photographs of my feet, my brother locked himself in his closet and started stuffing umbrellas in his mouth and nostrils. I think he’s going to end up hurting himself. Now he won’t come out of there until I give him back his camera. When I try to get him to open the door, all he says is, “Pwee, pwee, pweet! I want to see your feet!” and “Pwee, pwee, pwoze! I want to see your toes!” and then starts kicking at the door and making choking noises. Send help at once!