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Pnårp’s docile & perfunctory page

Pnårp’s December, 2022 mivonks & dren

A real galleyshnogger of a Christmas

Dove in on December 25

Toppings on the bottom?

Bottomed out on December 18

We were bipedal murder chickens

Corned on December 11

Al Gore: A User’s Manual

Peered at on December 4

Pnårp’s November, 2022 steaks & kidneys

Thanksgiving with the McBorbleys

Thanks given on November 27

You are a crazy person

Maddened on November 20

Change you can be leaf in

Bogged down on November 13

With a ploot, ploot, ploot!

Born on November 6

Pnårp’s October, 2022 brakes & stakes

A draught horse, serendipity, and a bankruptcy

Forstraught on October 30

I wish my spoons were stronger

Snooped on October 23

Autumn had arrived

Floundered on October 16

The deep toaster

Smeared on October 9

And then the flies danced

Smelt on October 2

Pnårp’s September, 2022 Ravna & Tines

Yet still bereft of meaning

Creamed on September 25

A veritable trash dump of words

Whipped on September 18

“If” is the middle word in “life”

Horrified on September 11

History looked at me this week

Transported on September 4

Pnårp’s August, 2022 gulping & blowing

Pinguid penguins, disparate parrots, and a Studebaker

Basted on August 28

On any given day

Plotted and schemed on August 21

Catastrophes—but no anastrophe

Mishappened on August 14

Up to my ass in alligators

Endangered on August 7

Pnårp’s July, 2022 planning & zoning

Two halves of a bagel

Misaligned on July 31

Squirrels, squeeorling, syrup of squill, and squee

Cocked up on July 24

Tuck in flap to close

Knocked up on July 17

Gnocco after gnocco

Knocked on on July 10

The long, greasy road

Lubed up on July 3

Pnårp’s June, 2022 eyes & ears

A stack of dictionaries, a goat, and the ensuing manure

Stacked high on June 26

Wernicke, Broca, and a two-week, drug-fueled bender

Refueled on June 19

Fleas, flies, and friars!

Peddled on June 12

A squiddy meal, a goosey girl, and moles of gnomes

Wriggled on June 5

Pnårp’s May, 2022 blunder & whitening

Dogging the Balphonse

Hemidemisemiquavered on May 29

Miscounting the protons

Demisemiquavered on May 22

Batting the package

Semiquavered on May 15

Whittling the knittery

Quavered on May 8

Flogging the dinosaur

Flailed around on May 1

Pnårp’s April, 2022 thunder & lightning

A stubby little short week

Trolloped around on April 24

An exaggeratedly long week

Galloped about on April 17

A wanted carton of wontons

Trotted out on April 10

A curious nine-day week

Dialed on April 3

Pnårp’s March, 2022 dormfuddies & kookely-wangers

Seven point two hundred

Committed on March 27

The twentieth best day of my life

Easily understood on March 20

A hilarious pair of ducks

Redpilled on March 13

The stars screamed at me, but why?

Shredded on March 6

Pnårp’s February, 2022 breaking & entering

An arduous, odorous, ordurous affair

Cannibalized on February 27

Interwoven threads of witless boobery

Spiked on February 20

Three-eyed gnomes, a lighthouse, and a pair of feet

Erred on February 13

Carpathian Carpentry Gnomes? In my kitchen?

Hammered on February 6

Pnårp’s January, 2022 pipping & squeaking

The door slammed in my face

Slammed on January 30

Hard avocados and soft stones

Ripened on January 23

Confound delivery

Starched on January 16

Nothing happened

Obliviated on January 9

New years and new neighbors

Bunted on January 2