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Here I froze and here I died

Dubstepped on July 8, 2012.

Once again, I had died.

Floating through empty space without so much as a single gnome-built rocket ship to my name, I had died. I had had a rocket ship, mind you—one of the finest rocket ships ever constructed by a teeming horde of gnomish lackeys, minions, and henchmen. But in a desperate bid to patch two ¼"-sized holes that had been blown in the hull by a micro-meteoroid, I had made one small mistake, then a slightly larger one which built upon the first, and then another, and another—until the final gaffe that I made was so embarrassingly enormous that it resulted in the total loss of my entire rocket ship. And thus I ended up floating freely in outer space, drinking hard vacuum, as my now-airless ship rocketed away toward the Bagel Nebula and left me behind.

So here I floated, a single light year from my destination, the Bagel Nebula. My ship would arrive at the nebula in 818⅛ ANSI standard moments, but here I would be. Here I was: Here I froze, and here I died.