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Oh, the fendippity!

Panicked over on May 23, 2010.

The gateway is open again!

The gateway is open again!!

What’s that, you say? How do I know this, you say??! How can’t I know this, I reply! They’re all around me! They came through the gateway to the Brundlesphere, that gaping maw of dolorous indolority that I thought had been closed forever! They came from the Brundlebeyond, beyond the Brundlesphere, beyond all Beyonds known to mankind, beyond the Beyondbeyondbeyond (or something or other… or some mother).

I thought I had destroyed them, and closed the gateway… but the Fendippitous Eggmen have returned!

And… and… mycotoxins abound in my dugong-filled ear canals!

The gateway is open again, and they come! They come! Nameless, faceless, gormless bastards! Eggmen! Yolky, yolky Eggmen! Eyeless, faceless Eggmen staring into my soul with their eyeless eyes hidden invisibly behind lenseless pince-nez glasses, their mouthless faces silently trying to figure out if my liver is as tasty as it looks! (I assure you, it is.) And behind them disgorge the writhing, tentacled swarms of forlorn memory and mindless dugong conspicacity, writhing and smirking in the darkness like the John Updike that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! Ghoulish creatures, like the ghasts and gugs of yore, their shimmering globulence glimmering in the golden light—

Gug! Gug! Gug, gug, gug!


The horror! The utter horror!! The Fendip—

Aaaagghhh!! The fendippity surrounds me! The Fendippitous Eggmen have returned!