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Hypoglycemia and digititis have no sway over me

Intubated on May 30, 1999.

As I wrote, I sat in the dark with only the light of the stars to guide me as I slowly ate a ham, mustard, and provolone sandwich. Last time I tried, they locked me up in a hole in the ground. The cows are mooing and lowing at an amazing rate as I sit here and eat. I see an ear floating in the river nearby. Wow.

Hypoglycemia and digititis have no sway over me as I scream back at the screaming stars. All week, damn it! Delete me. Backspace, delete. Well it seems a little warm to me, and how we looked at the safety of the product. Bang. Boom. Crash! Was I here at all? My sandwich exploded suddenly; I couldn’t find all the pieces, so I ate a pile of feces and went to sleep.