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I love AOL

Placated since August 1, 1999.

I have an AOL account. I use it every day. I use it every hour. I use it almost every minute. I love AOL. They say it stands for “America Online,” but I do not believe them. I cannot. I went riding on an accretion disk from Russia.

Mister Ollanthorpe von Sträsmussenbörg, from southern Moravia, used to use AOL. He used CompuServe also, which I think was somewhat responsible for his recent death. I regurgitated a pile of cats and hats, each one wrapped in grapevines, and the colors made me spin and dance.

This is how the world ends,

This is how the world ends,

This is how the world ends,

Not with a smurf but with an electrocardiogram.