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Kudzu and Miss Hewitt

Integrated on July 13, 2008.

Great Custer’s ghost! The haberdashery is still open, and I forgot again! It’s just like all those times that I forgot about Hitler, but even worse!

Once again, I apparently spent too much time this week thinking about Jennifer Love Hewitt, sweet in the feet as always. I dreamed of her luscious feet wrapped in kudzu. The lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt, her slender, white toes entwined in creeping kudzu. Kudzu slithering about her ankles… squeezing her feet… squooshing her toes… squeezing and squooshing them in passionate embrace. Her feet enveloped in kudzu… tentacles of kudzu writhing between her toes, her glorious toes… twisting about her feet, her glorious feet.

Ah, what an image… sensuous creeping kudzu and Jennifer Lovely Hewitt…


Fight the future, little miss barefooted Hewitt, fight the future.