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The lawn gnomes prance!

Gingerbreaded on October 9, 2005.

The lawn gnomes come, the lawn gnomes dance;

The lawn gnomes sing and the lawn gnomes prance!

They all go “wow!” when I blow my nose!

They all go “oohh!!” at the Spice Girls’ toes!

The lawn gnomes laugh, the lawn gnomes play;

The lawn gnomes run and the lawn gnomes bray!

They bray like mules, they bay like hounds;

They like to live under the ground!

The lawn gnomes squeak, the lawn gnomes dance;

The lawn gnomes get in my underpants!

They love me so, oh yes they do;

They want to make me wear their shoes!

The lawn gnomes yelp, the lawn gnomes squeal;

The lawn gnomes ride around on wheels!

They smirk and sneer; they laugh and grin;

These damned lawn gnomes are under my skin!

…The lawn gnomes are driving me insane!!!!!