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Pnårp’s docile & perfunctory page

Pnårp’s December, 2012 wattle & daub

Christmas, goats, and the fiscal cliff

Goat got on December 30

…The world ended

Escheated before December 23

This coming Friday…

Prognosticated after December 16

Mooey, mooey, moo!

Lowed at on December 9

Horses, drugs, and some Volvos

Revolved around December 2

Pnårp’s November, 2012 plaster & spackle

A paean to funnels

Funneled on November 25

A parable that should explain everything

Enchanted on November 18


Land-locked on November 11

The geese were angry

Angered before November 4

Pnårp’s October, 2012 grousing & de-lousing

Ziti—with lines, please

Lollygagged on October 28

As a bump on a log

Bumped and logged on October 21

The nauga war

Tanned on October 14

Meals and utensils and straws, oh my!

Bluely rinsed on October 7

Pnårp’s September, 2012 seeping & tempering

In my own back yard

Extirpated on September 30

Livin’ large in the large intestine

Emboweled on September 23

Illin’ in the ileum

Chillin’ on September 16

A sojourn through the jejunum

Catabolized on September 9

The September that wouldn’t be

Elided on September 2

Pnårp’s August, 2012 augering & gusting

My competitive worm charming days

Vermiculated on August 26

When Saturday is Sunday

Blown right past August 19

The turtle herds of insomnia

NōDōz’d on August 12

Upon the Fimbriated Planet

Flabbled about on August 5

Pnårp’s July, 2012 flag-waving & bugle-blowing

And the neckties writhed

Spiraled around July 29

The ÅSS Goose from the Machine

Bageled on July 22

Planet of the geese

Honked at on July 15

Here I froze and here I died

Dubstepped on July 8

A hortensical Sefernday

Hortensed on July 1

Pnårp’s June, 2012 flushing & clogging

Fungous hitchhikers from outer space

Rocketed on June 24

The Bagel Nebula, you stinky monkeys!

Humped and dumped on June 17

I am the humperdumperdink!

Dumped and dinked on June 10

My skin was thinking

Considered for June 3

Pnårp’s May, 2012 frocking & defrocking

My neighbor—he’s on fire

Detonated on May 27

The green apple bee-bop

Hydrated on May 20

Hoarsely the Pnårp sang

Horsed around on May 13

Vox clamantis in deserto

Cheddared on May 6

Pnårp’s April, 2012 lolling & gagging

The death of Argo Navis

Trisected before April 29

A lunchable lemony apple key

Open-appled on April 22

A box! A box! A box of…

Puttered about on April 15

Gurning for two

Faces made before April 8

Surviving April Fools Day

Foxholed on April 1

Pnårp’s March, 2012 goring & mauling

To order a coffee

Caffeinated on March 25

Toad rental—cheap!

Rented on March 18

Yup, still dead…

Rotted around March 11

I was still dead…

Putresced around March 4

Pnårp’s February, 2012 sneezing & coughing

I was dead

Expired around February 26

Axons across beard-seconds of darkness

Stretched out February 19

A Ho-Mg-Zn icosahedral quasicrystal

Fractured on February 12

Seven point one hundred

Released on February 5

Pnårp’s January, 2012 whirling & gigging

Thoughts diverging from reality

Converging on January 29

Thoughts converging toward reality

Diverging from January 22

And then the cold cuts danced

Ronpauled on January 15

This entry is missing!

Misplaced before January 8

Dreams in a hole in the ground

Trespassed before January 1