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Pnårp’s docile & perfunctory page

Pnårp’s December, 2005 dirigibles & submersibles

Today being Christmas…

Made merry on December 25

The perfect symmetry of a letter

Excreted slightly before December 18

Shitlingthorpe–Alabaster Flapdoodles

Zanzibarred on December 11

Thaddeus C.L. Harshbarger, the haberdasher

Belted out on December 4

Pnårp’s November, 2005 blatherskite & twaddle

Dingleberry, hamster!

Cornpuffed for November 27

My house burned down today

Incinerated on November 20

Stewing in my own juices

Brewed on November 13

A visit to Eigentoria

Emigrated on November 6

Pnårp’s October, 2005 fiddlesticks & corpulence

I shall visit Eigentoria

Bandied about on October 30

The thick, meaty center of an eigenfactor

Ridiculed on October 23

Caught in a wet noodling contest

Noodled on October 16

The lawn gnomes prance!

Gingerbreaded on October 9

Saturday was the worst

Hobnobbed on October 2

Pnårp’s September, 2005 lollygagging & philandering

The return of the garden gnomes

Star-spangled high above September 25

The return of Grårp

Cordoned off on September 18

Abortifacient skies, the burning air

Slobbered all over on September 11

Engelby Trouble?

Prevaricated on September 4

Pnårp’s August, 2005 rippin’ & snortin’

Spruce mustard and bouillabaisse

Trundled on August 28

I’m ending it all!

Spindled on August 21

Blast you all

Best if used by August 14

Troobles, long and hard

Deluged on August 7

Pnårp’s July, 2005 hobgoblins & flapdoodles

Soft, and steaming lightly

Castigated on July 31

The perspicacious side of the planet

Wienerschnitzeled on July 24

Umph… plurgh… splat!

Beautified on July 17


Bowdlerized on July 10

I slithered blithely out the door

Fetishized on July 3

Pnårp’s June, 2005 horsefeathers & flunkery

A gaggle of garden gnomes

Engulfed on June 26

Incipient garden gnomes pouring down

Shined & enshrined on June 19

What an Englebee Trooble is

Incarcerated on June 12

Zero-factor linguistics

Laughed about within June 5

Pnårp’s May, 2005 endoscopy & parallelism

The Magic Oreo Machine™

Played footsie with on May 29


Given to charity prior to May 22

Into the midst of a gorilla and yak pack

Made in Taiwan, R.O.C., before May 15

Naked with soda bottles in my ears

Redistributed after May 8

Fell in a pit (again)

Masticated on May 1

Pnårp’s April, 2005 wheeling & dealing

Music erupted from my bed cushions

Cosigned on April 24

The Trooble Foundation

Irked on April 17

I saw an iMac, a greenish-blue flavored one

Popularized for April 10

I was mad

Optimized for April 3

Pnårp’s March, 2005 sagacity & hierarchy

I desire broadband access to my feet!

Quibbled about on March 27

Guhhhh noooobity fahhhh foooogity!!!

Squabbled about on March 20

My dear brother Grårp!

Crucified for March 13

Samuel Dreckers

Carbonized prior to March 6

Pnårp’s February, 2005 brewing & stewing

Contemplating the Spice Girls

Best if sold by February 27

Alyssa Milano still has very cute feet

Reeducated on February 20

Briefcase! Gatorade!!

Fudged up against February 13

100% guaranteed

Bamboozled on February 6

Pnårp’s January, 2005 whinin’ & complainin’

The Troobles exist…

Inoculated on January 30

Curse inflatable hotdogs

Expurgated on January 23