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I did not forget about Hitler!

Livingroomed on August 12, 2007.

A long, long time ago, I forgot about Hitler. Then, years later, I nearly forgot about him again. But not again: This time, to make sure I would never again forget about Adolf Hitler, nor his wife and family, I posted a large Post-It note on the front of my refrigerator that read:

Hitler: Never forget

Hopefully, I would never again forget about little Adi again.

[Feetnote: What happened to the charred carcass of my house and smashed computer, you ask? Uhh… hallucination. Never happened. After I had come shooting out of the closet, shrieking like a child crying for his mama, I did not in fact smash the computer, nor did I burn down my house—in truth, I had gone straight to the bathroom where I sang to my faucets and fixtures in German for the next sixteen hours. And my ham-and-spam sandwiches? Plårp—bless her slender little toes!—had left a whole stack of them on the kitchen table before she so heartlessly abandoned me to the tender mercies of my nefarious PC.]