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The seventeenth best day of my life

Dissipated before March 21, 1999.

Today was the seventeenth best day of my life. I was sitting and eating something or other (I think it was some sort of snail or mollusk), and a QWERTY keyboard went rolling by on top of a six-legged puma. I sat and watched it from the rectangle until it turned and almost stopped. Then everything went away. The stars are still screaming at me like the ruins of the Acropolis. Sober up and try to listen to this. Yeah, that’s him, all right.

I found out Lycos loves me. The search engine. Earlier this week, I think that I saw the number pi floating by my window this morning. It had wings, two eyes, and a snout attached to its decimal point. I was really surprised—I’d never seen a transcendental, irrational number that could float before!

Then, of course, it was all over. Betelgeuse was still making some noise, which sounded like urrrrrrggghhhh…! Get out of here. I made this.