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The Troobles exist…

Inoculated on January 30, 2005.

I still search amongst the heavens for signs of the Englebee Troobles. I am quite sure they exist. They seem to be as elusive as the Kimdangian emu, however. I ate a pie as I watched another floating pi (this one wingless) thrust its way by me, on its way to Zeta Orionis. But no signs of the Troobles, for which I searched.

A quasar is a nice place to hide your valuables. Or a pulsar. They have many little nooks and crannies into which you can put stuff: Cups, pans, drawers, drawings, bottles, computers, elephants, and a single paperclip or a can of nitrous oxide. I searched for the Englebee Troobles here. No such luck.

I spend most of Friday hanging by my foot from the tip of a planetoid, singing in French and Hindi. No Englebee Troobles came by, and the screaming stars chirped and spat out another round of oscillating salt shakers.

The Troobles exist. The Troobles exist… I am going insane, but they exist!