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Bamboozled on February 6, 2005.

This is a gross violation of my civil rights. The cricket’s, too. All crickets. All frogs. Each and every member of the Intel revolutionary hamburger plant!!

Tell me where she is. 100% guaranteed. We’ve searched this place; there’s nothing here but a can of sardines and a fisher cannery. The Circassians were massing on the network, thinking to thwart my finding of the Englebee Troobles…! I had to act! I picked up a speaker and smashed a dog in the brains with it, hardly wounding the dog. No Troobles fell from its ears, however. Wow, I have a wallaby in here. An Australian marsupial. Like a spring-tailed dog or a Sprint salesman, or Alyssa Milano’s feet. “All right!!!!!”

Must… keep… searching…