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She isn’t dead!

Copulated after January 15, 2006.

I found out this week that Regina Maria-Theresia Louisa Ilsa Ollanthorpe, Countess-Prelate von Sträsmussenbörg, isn’t dead at all. She’s quite alive (ohhh, very, very alive), and doesn’t think of me as an ass anymore, although I still think she blames me for the trampling death her husband suffered at the hands of—or rather, under the feet of—six rip-snorting underdogs back in 1999.

So on Friday, I paid her a little visit—and had a lot of sex with her! An awful lot! It was fun.

And on Saturday morning, I had a lot of sex with her daughter’s pet goose! That was less fun, and the goose was noisy and honked a lot—like a truck. The Countess-Prelate is a lot prettier than the goose—especially her tiny, delicate feet—but see if people can ever accuse me of screwing a pheasant again! I only screw geese now! The Countess-Prelate’s geese.