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The Third Coming

Chopped lightly on October 8, 2006.

The Third Coming came this week; came and went. Surrounded as I was by Knib-Knob Gnomes, I missed it. All those trials and tribulations, those four horsemen I’ve heard so much about, the brass-footed Jesus with a flaming sword wagging from his tongue… and I didn’t get to see a single bit of it! I was bamboozled—hornswoggled, by jingo! Pestilence and famine happened without me.

This time, Lord and Emperor Haldûrburðgar was able to defeat Jesus, in a fight to the death in the middle of Gorgorndûr the Great Street (formerly Squayzie Avenue). Jesus was pissed. Our Lord sufficiently vanquished, our Lord and Emperor promptly returned to ruling us with an iron fist cleverly hidden behind kid gloves and a pointed felt cap (not a fez!). Perhaps the Fourth Coming, two score weeks from now, will be more successful.

Great Custer’s Ghost, Gnomelandia Day is next week! And I don’t have a thing to wear!!