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Pnårp’s docile & perfunctory page

Pnårp’s December, 2007 zooting & suiting

Dead in a hole

Deceased on December 30

Frozen in a hole

Frostbit on December 23

In a hole

Holed up on December 16

Spaceworthy guardsquirrels

Decompressed on December 9

Free at last

Self-addressed and stamped on December 2

Pnårp’s November, 2007 snuffling & scuffling


Whiffled on November 25

The one true goddess!

Duffeled on November 18

There’s nothing in my head!

Scuffled with on November 11

Snuffle off to Buffalo

Sniffled at on November 4

Pnårp’s October, 2007 odds & ends

Strahazazhia smiles upon me

Gone wrong on October 28

The deep blue face of failure

Done wrong on October 21

Graceful as Loquisha’s soles

Danced with on October 14

This is Phillip Norbert Årp’s spaceship

Diseased prior to October 7

Pnårp’s September, 2007 numerology & fakery

Pnårp’s in space

Station-kept on September 30

Why does the pi float?

Floated by on September 23

Why do the stars scream?

Screamed about on September 16

Under Pam & Meg’s

Delved under on September 9

Grumfeld redux

Simmered on September 2

Pnårp’s August, 2007 feldwebel & oberst

Indeed I can go home again

Returned home on August 26

Dugongs abound in my ear canals!

Tiled over on August 19

I did not forget about Hitler!

Livingroomed on August 12

Plårp goes home

Sent home on August 5

Pnårp’s July, 2007 borscht & bratwurst

Plårp, Plårp, Plårp!

Lopped off on July 29

Plårp, Plårp!

Popped up on July 22


Plopped down on July 15

3,600 eigenserfs and a function key

Indentured forever after July 8

The missing fourteenth key

Lost before July 1

Pnårp’s June, 2007 midwives & alewives

Press any key

Pressed on June 24

Paisley time

Enslaved on June 17

Back to Harry’s

Ingratiated on June 10

Ol’ Grummie’s back!

Bungled up on June 3

Pnårp’s May, 2007 mea & culpa

Ravna and the gorillas

Ravished on May 27

Ravna and a ligature

Magic-marked on May 20


Peppered lightly with May 13

Further visages of feet-&-toes

Hieroticalized on May 6

Pnårp’s April, 2007 diuretics & calisthenics

Toe-visages on the Sefernday

Splayed on April 29

Sleeping in the closet

Lamented on April 22

The laws of Phillip I: Last decree

Decreed on April 15

The laws of Phillip I: Homage

Legislated on April 8

The laws of Phillip I: Taxes

Propagated on April 1

Pnårp’s March, 2007 teenyboppers & estoppel

The laws of Phillip I

Promulgated on March 25

The restive provinces conquered

Excoriated before March 18

Eight years

Anniversed four days before March 11

131,072 Schmongeloid conscripts

Decimated on March 4

Pnårp’s February, 2007 Eratosthenes & Hippocrates

No one expects the Schmalkaldic League

Vanquished on February 25

Digging up the back yard

Cashed in on February 18

Shekels at the cat-canning plant

Devoted on February 11

Alyssa Milano lives!

Jury-rigged on February 4

Pnårp’s January, 2007 domesdays & bomb bays

Alyssa Milano v. Phillip Norbert Årp

Entrenched under January 28

Phillip Norbert Årp v. Alyssa Milano’s Feet

Machine-gunned on January 21

Suing Alyssa Milano

Bombarded after January 14

Music erupted from my bed cushions again

Strafed on January 7