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The one true goddess!

Duffeled on November 18, 2007.

You dare deny the voluptuousness of Strahazazhia Kalamazoo-Kintaki-Meeps, insect goddess, She of the six-legged delights!?

She will destroy you!

O Strahazazhia, descend from your insectly throne and smite these heathens before me!

She is the creator of the golden cockroaches!

She is the creator of the randy gorillas who pursue Ravna Olegg-Thorssondóttir!

(Ravna! She of the milky-white feet!)

Strahazazhia is the creator of the comfort geese of New Bouillabaissia!

She is the creator of the army of floating pis!

She is the creator of the hamsters and their dingleberries!

She is the creator of all of gnomekind!

O Strahazazhia, deliver me from these heretics!

She will destroy you with Her insectness! She will bore into your skull, lay Her sacred eggs, and Her holy larva will feast upon your brains! Then They will burst forth and capture your children, sell them into slavery, and ravish your women! No one will be spared!!

You dare deny Strahazazhia!?

She is the one true insect goddess! Bow down before Her!!!