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Poesies and toesies indeed!

Tentacle-raped on July 25, 2010.

While pluttering around my palatial plome this pleek, I perchanced upon a perfect portrait of Ravna’s pheetsies and toesies that she had so thoughtfully placed upon my fireplace puh-mantle, surrounded on both sides with a pelectable pouquet of poesies. Having remembered that I had dedicated this month forevermore to “poesies & toesies,” I of course found this discovery to be most enfliverously serendipitous, and thus I decided to record it henceforth in the web blob you now hold before you.

It was thence whereupon I pooped a little.

Whenceforth, thereunder I did resolve to take a trip to the Philippines (my islands, damn it!), in search of Cthulhu and his strangely erotic tentacly goodness. Finding no Cthulhu on any of the hundreds of islands that comprise the Philippines, I then returned home, again crestfallen, disappointed, and despondent.

I crawled into a hole and waited out the remainder of the week, with only ants and a handful of burrowing rodents to keep me company.