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The Englebee Troobles live!

Transubstantiated on April 16, 2006.

The Englebee Troobles live!

The Englebee Troobles are real!

They’re as real as the Westphalian Schmongeling Gnomes that used to haunt my abode, or my name’s not Phillip Norbert Årp! (And it is, by gum!) They’re as real as the nose on the end of my little finger! They’re as real as the eigencafé I visited in Eigentoria while hiding from ceramic lawn ornaments and their evil allies! They’re as real as my dear sister Plårp’s enticingly beautiful feet! As real as a piffle-whuffle baffling about the scaffold and scoffing about the snuffling underdogs under my udders! As real as the Schmarnocks flowers in my yack bard!

How do I know the Englebee Troobles are real…? My mother was one! Dear old Mamårp! A Trooble! Can you believe it?! Can you!?!?

Ahhh, ahhhhhh… ohh. I’ll write more on this next week, after I calm down and win first prize at this wet paper bag contest I entered last night! Yowee! Yowee, yoweewee, yoweeweewee!!