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Ring above?

Rung above on May 25, 2008.

Fun fact: According to my new computer—rather, according to the computering experts hiding in my new computer that give me all sorts of useful advice—the Å in my name (Pnårp, you idiot!) is properly called a Latin capital letter A with ring above. I don’t know why these “unicody” guys have to scream it like that, but there it is.

I spent the rest of the day singing along with them about the merits of SGML and AJAX. (No spiders.)

Later in the week (I forget what day—it’s difficult to remember when you’re traveling at the speed of light and so high on LSD that you think there are pincer monkeys climbing out from under your cuticles!), I paid a visit to the famous On/Off Star. She was hiding out near Jupiter this week, burning away variably, as usual. Historians of the twenty-fifth century looked back on it and saw how the Prussians had taken over without a hitch.

sin(x) + cos(x) = a whole lot of sin!

Or, so they say in Chittagong, where I cranched up a mathematics textbook and cifrected my old friend, Ol’ Bummie, keeper of the stumblebum stables back in my home town. Why he was in Chittagong, chittering away with a chitmouse, I don’t know. But then again, a lot of things seem to happen to me that I can’t explain. Like, remember that time that I was attacked by a colony of murderous tadpoles? That made no sense—but that didn’t stop it from happening! No, sir!