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There’s nothing in my head!

Scuffled with on November 11, 2007.

They say it’s all in my head, no, no! They tell me that I imagine it all—no, no, no! There’s nothing in my head! Nothing at all!!

Eleven, eleven! Eleven, eleven! Eleven, eleven! Two thousand… seven!

No, not in my head, you knaves, you quacks, you torturers! Not in my head at all! No, no, no-no, noooo!!!

No! Not at all!! Whoop-dee-doo! You’ll never break me! You’ll never destroy me! My army of floating pis and millions of gnomely servants will destroy you all!! They’ll eat out your eyeballs, sell your children into slavery, and ravish your women! No one will be spared!!

Whooo! Ha-ha ha-ha haa-haaa!!!

What gnomes? What gnomes!?

You dare ask, “What gnomes?”!?

The gnomes lurking in the cracks of the filthy prison cell you’ve stuffed me in!

The gnomes prowling about under the floorboards and behind the rafters!

The gnomes stalking the hallways and hiding behind the windowsill!

The gnomes peeping out of the wall sockets and wainscoting behind you! Yes, those gnomes! Those gnomes!!

Destroy you, they will! Destroy you!

Gnomes! Destroy them! Crush them, gnomes! Destroy them!!


Today is—eleven, eleven! Eleven, eleven! Eleven, eleven! Two thousand… seven!

You shall rue the day you ever imprisoned the King of New Bouillabaissia! I am the King of Neptune! I am the ruler of your entire solar system!

Waaa ha-ha haaa!!! Eleven, eleven, oh seven!

Eleven! Eleven!!

Eleven!! Eleven!!!


Gnomely servants, destroy them! Chew out their eyes, bite into their corneas, destroy them, ruin them… ruin them!!!

Trûmglor, devour their corneas!

Tromglur, bite off their toes!

Helgâmel, chew out their eyes!

Ðandur, infest them!

Æþaldûr, destroy them!

Schmongel! Schmongel them!!!


Gnomes! Destroy them! Crush them, gnomes! Destroy them!!

Eleven! Eleven!!

I am the King of New Bouillabaissia!!!