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Incipient garden gnomes pouring down again

Wined & dined on August 6, 2006.

Incipient garden gnomes pouring down from the dirt-brown sky and landing on my face, filling me up to the ears with their scrumptious goodness and minty-green, refreshing aftertaste! Oh, to be in Ouagadougou now that July isn’t there! Garden gnomes, lawn gnomes, they all come down, billowing in their gold-plated parachutes, dizzyingly arrayed with ventricles and right-wing smatter—they sing and fling and whine and splatter and hoot and holler and they make a terrible mess all over the place and all over Alyssa Milano’s Feet, but oh! how they fall and fall and spin and twist in the perfidious winds as they sail to the ground!

(Alyssa Milano’s Feet is infested! Infested!!!)

The garden gnomes, how they love me! They sit there and stare, all over Alyssa Milano’s Feet from stem to stern, port to starboard, from the poop deck to the mizzenmast, their keyboards chattering in the night, going pwicka-pwappah steeple-stopple! until I can’t stand it anymore and I beg them to bag a dog and pass the burritos! But they persist insistently, never desisting, just existing, twisting, blistering, and festering, reminding me of simpler times when I was alone aboard the beautiful Alyssa Milano’s Feet, sailing from one end of the Earth to the other, alone, gnomeless, gnomeless, ohhhh! how wonderful it would be to be gnomeless once again!

At least the kudzu has left me alone this time!