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Pnårp’s docile & perfunctory page

Pnårp’s November, 1999 insanity & incontinence


Vindicated and tabulated on November 7

Pnårp’s October, 1999 bobbles & baubles

Searching forever for the elusive Troobles

Squandered because of October 31

The stars scream at me louder than ever!!

Suspended from October 24

I had failed

Hidden above my bed on October 17

Fight the future

Hidden under my bed on October 10

I forgot about Hitler

Plundered shortly after October 3

Pnårp’s September, 1999 standard & poor

A brass knob had fallen on my head

Belched out on September 26

The Countess-Prelate von Sträsmussenbörg

Bleeped out for September 19

Someone accused me of screwing a pheasant

Remixed before September 12

Without a tongue or a penis

Reticulated and sun-dried on September 5

Pnårp’s August, 1999 scenery & greenery

It gets hot in Afghanistani prisons

Given to my daughter on August 29

No kind of Trooble infatuates anyone

Fondled on August 22

The talking, squawking camel

Reinstated on August 15

The Englebee Troobles

Pondered upon August 8

I love AOL

Placated since August 1

Pnårp’s July, 1999 squeaks & squawks

Mister Ollanthorpe von Sträsmussenbörg

Encapsulated within July 25

Is there an underdog in you?

Nitrated on July 18


Abolished after July 11

The flying pi returned

Complicated because of July 4

Pnårp’s June, 1999 fenestration & haberdashery

I have nothing to write today

Repatriated on June 27

I took the AK-47 down

Romanticized for June 20

The triangular briefcase I had found

Reintegrated on June 13

The spiders began to sing and chant

Refracted after June 6

Pnårp’s May, 1999 sticks & stones

Hypoglycemia and digititis have no sway over me

Intubated on May 30

I found a scrap of paper in my pocket

Rebutted on May 23

Dangerous evidence kept cropping up

Regurgitated prior to May 16

The perfunctory margin of disbelief

Apprenticed to May 9

Semper sic tyrannis

Calculated and compiled on May 2

Pnårp’s April, 1999 piffle & babble

In the ground underneath my house

Drawn up for April 25

A glass was sitting on my desk

Cemented on April 18

Am I lost!? Am I low on oil!?

Hydrogenated for April 11

The man who talked way too much

Splattered on April 4

Pnårp’s March, 1999 doodles & poodles

I continued my search for the Englebee Troobles

Posted for March 28

The seventeenth best day of my life

Dissipated before March 21

I took the pile of animal feces out of my garage

Electrolyzed for March 14

The stars scream at me, but why?

Conduced on March 7