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Lo’ Kweeisha

Pornographed on January 13, 2008.

[Dear Lord, I promise to make this entry make more sense. It’ll make so much sense, it’ll be like a sense-making machine. An industrial assembly line of sense-making. It’ll churn out so much sense, in parallel with massive quantities of non-nonsense, that it’ll simply awe you to death, Lord. Not that the Lord could ever actually die or something, being an immortal industrial machine Himself. Amen.]

Lo’ Kweeisha. “Bubble-Butt” Lo’ Kweeisha? No, no, no. Bubble-Butt Lo’ Kweeisha.

You get it now?


Damn butt’s so big you can get lost down there ’tween those things!

Damn butt’s so big now you could drive a truck right through it.

Damn butt’s so big now you could eat off it!

…And some people do!

Bubble butt, bubble butt, bubble-bubble, bubble butt!

Bubble wrap? Bubble boy? Squirrels in your Gatorade? My triangular briefcase… submerged in Gatorade?


Pwee, pwee, pwee, pweedle, feedle foo! Monkey see, monkey do, gorilla eat, gorilla… goo. Gorillas infest my house, kettle-gnomes hang from my chandeliers, and guardsquirrels patrol the perimeter, looking for me so they can haul me back to Buffalo, encase me in buffalo dung beneath a pile of buffalo wings, and buffalo my buffaloes a buff below. Wait, buffaloes have wings? Screaming stars scream… and so does Lo’ Kweeisha when you do it just right. Pwee, pwee, pwee, pweedle, feedle foo!

Lo’ Kweeisha’s little brown feet, they can’t be beat! Lo’ Kweeisha’s little brown toes, right up your nose!


Damn butt’s so big it flaps in the wind like a pile of pancake nozzles.

Damn butt’s so big now you can play musical chairs with it all day!

Damn butt’s so big now it needs its own set of socket wrenches!